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Rachael Muburi

BA Degree in Hospitality and Business Management

Rachael Muburi
Everyone at Westminster Kingsway College has such a passion for Hospitality and the lecturers are great. They really know about the industry and they can share their own passion for the subject. The College has really helped me to believe in myself and stay focused throughout my studies. We were asked to write down our objectives at the start of the year and I looked at them recently and had achieved everything I set out to do which was great.

Management and Marketing

Creative Leadership for a Changing World


Course Information

Management and Marketing
Course Title Creative Leadership for a Changing World
Start Date 25th January 2018
Location Victoria
Duration 1 Year
Attendance Once a month
Fees £13500.00
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Course Content

Management and Marketing
Short Description
“This is more than just a course. This is a truly unique leadership development retreat”
Promotional video :
This talk from Sir Ken Robinson highlights the need for this programme in the commercial world:
The Diploma in Leadership and Management consists of three mandatory units.
The first one is a flexible, mandatory unit that allows the learner to identify and work on the areas of leadership and management development specific to their own work context and of particular interest and relevance.
The second focuses on presenting arguments for change, constructing business cases and leading change implementation, the third on the creation and maintenance of high performance cultures.
The Diploma is 60 credits (90 GLH) which is equivalent to a PG Certificate and one third of a Masters in most UK university business schools.
The Creative Leadership for a changing world programme is formed of three parts. The first four modules allow the learner to identify and work on the areas of leadership and management development specific to their own work context and of particular interest and relevance.
Modules 1-4 : Developing Creative Leadership (25 Jan, 22 Feb, 22 Mar, 26 Apr)
•Understand how the concept of creative leadership goes beyond individuals, deep into the cultural fabric of organisations
•Critically assess a range of contrasting traditional and contemporary models of leadership
•Ethics, values, power and authority, responsibility and accountability in leadership
•Knowledge, skills, behaviours and other characteristics of effective leaders
•Organisation type, purpose, values and culture and their interaction and their impact on the leadership role
•Characteristics of the sector in which the organisation operates and their impact on expectations of leaders; comparisons with other sectors
•The nature of the external environment and its impact on the organisation; the demands and expectations this places on leaders
•The criteria used to judge effective leadership in different types of organisation
•The behaviours associated with effective leadership in different types of organisation
•The leadership knowledge and skills that underpin effective leadership behaviour
•The effect of personal characteristics (e.g. personality, intelligence, emotional intelligence and literacy, personal integrity and honesty, values and beliefs, on leadership behaviour
•Skills and techniques for evaluation of personal behaviour and performance
•The use of feedback and awareness of others' responses such as emotional literacy to own behaviour
•Assess your current levels of emotional intelligence and develop your skills and capability further
•Techniques and skills in seeking and objectively evaluating feedback
•Insight into the process of learning and the role of structured reflection to enable this
•Discover the power of action learning to develop strategic leadership capability
•Models of reflective learning (e.g. double loop learning, Activity Theory, deep and surface level learning
•Techniques for developing leadership in others (e.g. through coaching or mentoring, delegation, etc)
•Discover how to use Gibbs reflective learning cycle as a structured approach to reflection to enable learning
•The development of a personal brand which inspires confidence at a strategic level
The second part of the Creative Leadership for a changing world programme focuses on developing the knowledge, skill and behaviour required to present arguments for change, construct business cases and lead change implementation.
Modules 5-8 : Leading and Managing Change (24 May, 21 Jun, 19 Jul, 23 Aug)
•Organisational mapping, dealing with barriers that enhance strategic productivity
•Be able to use ROI and ROE in strategic level decision making
•Learn how to manage strategic risk and undertake the financial management of the project
•Develop the ability to be able to use strategic planning tools within own organisational context including techniques for designing and managing a change management strategy
•Consider a variety of strategic change management models and their use, impact and relevance to your organisation
•Use business simulation to develop these core skills in real time
•The creation of added value at a strategic level
•Be able to develop a high level, results oriented and performance driven business case
•Be able to engage with stakeholders at a strategic level either internal or external to the organisation, getting buy in to change
•Justify the correct use of media to communicate your change management strategy to stakeholders
•Learn how to communicate the business case to relevant stakeholders using NLP and high level influencing / negotiation techniques
Finally, the Creative Leadership for a changing world programme enables learners to maximise their organisational performance through the creation and maintenance of high performance cultures.
Modules 9-12 : High Performance in a Changing World (20 Sep, 18 Oct, 15 Nov, 13 Dec)
•Critically evaluate the skills needed for managers and leaders in your organisation to create and sustain long term organisational success
•Understand how to develop a culture of developmental leadership using performance coaching to establish a culture of accountability, high level performance and integrity
•Be able to assess the current management and leadership capability of your team and develop a high level development plan that with enhance their skills sets for the future
•Be able to develop a strategic performance improvement plan for own area of work by establishing metrics to drive sustainability, performance and demonstrate added value
•Network with colleagues at a strategic levels from across a variety of different sectors to enhance your learning further, via a range of different mediums
There is a comprehensive set of online support materials that underpins the practical nature of the course, allowing delegates to explore the academic side of leadership further pre and post programme.
Access Method
There is no examination. Students are invited to choose their level of academic study after the first module. They may opt to achieve a Diploma, Certificate, Award or an ILM development endorsement. There are three assignments, one for each level as follows:-
1. Developing leadership and management capability through enquiry
2. Developing a high-level business case
3. Developing and maintaining a high-performance culture and optimising resources
These qualifications will provide progression opportunities to a range of university Masters programmes. Learners should contact universities to find out their specific entry requirements and exemptions policy.
The Diploma provides 60 credits which is 1/3 of the credit value of a Masters qualification (180 credits).
Students will also be able to progress to full ILM Fellow status on completion of this qualification.
For further information, please contact course director, Tony Kerley FCIPD, FInstLM
All fees will be confirmed when you enrol onto your course. All students are fee assessed at enrolment

Entry Requirements

Management and Marketing
Entry Requirement
Who are these qualifications for?
The Level 7 Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management are designed for senior managers and leaders who want to develop themselves as leaders and managers, who recognise they have to satisfy various stakeholders and also want to invest in their own personal brand.
They may manage day to day operations and activities, and in doing so seek to make best use of their resources, understand the need to innovate and have a constant awareness of the need to optimise performance. They may also have to present arguments for change, construct business cases, lead change implementation and evaluate the impact of that change.
Benefits for individuals
• Puts the learner's need for development at the centre of the curriculum by matching knowledge and skills to the learners' specific context
• Recognises the increasing importance of networks by harnessing the power of social learning
• Encourages development of a personal brand that has impact
• Embeds leadership and management development in real work
• Successful completion of Diploma gives automatic eligibility to ILM Fellowship
• Offers progression opportunities into further qualifications, counting as 60 credits (normally one third) of a Masters degree
Benefits for employers
• Programme can be aligned with the organisation's strategic objectives
• Encourages strategic thinking and aligns action with strategic objectives
• Assessments emerge from the work context so ensuring immediate relevance and practical benefits to the organisation  
• Motivates and develops leader/managers to create and maintain high performance cultures
• The qualifications can be customised to meet organisation's senior leadership and development needs.
All fees will be confirmed when you enrol onto your course. All students are fee assessed at enrolment

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Management and Marketing

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