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Disability Support

Disability Support

Learners with physical or sensory disabilities and mental health difficulties 

Westminster Kingsway College provides a high quality learning experience for all students, including those with disabilities, mental health difficulties or learning difficulties. We understand that every person’s needs are different and aim to provide support that is most appropriate to the individual.

Disabled applicants are advised to let us know ahead of enrolment about their support needs. The Access Support Team will then contact applicants for a confidential discussion on any support that may be required. This is tailored around the disabled learners unique support needs. However the sooner we are told of any support needs, the more likely it is that all support will be in place for the start of study.

Some learners prefer to let their tutors and teachers know of their support needs when they are already on course. This results in a referral to the team who may then work with the teaching staff as well as the learner to craft appropriate support. 

The Access Support Team also assist learners experiencing mental health difficulties. They are qualified to listen to learners’ concerns and ensure that appropriate adjustments are made in College. They can act on learner’s behalf with teachers and tutors or help learners access support from within the college or from external agencies. Any conversation that is had with a learner is treated confidentially and sensitively. 

For more information and to find out how we can support learners throughout their studies contact the team on 0207 832 5266. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more details about Disability and Mental Health Support at the College, please contact the Disability and Mental Health Team via the course information number on 020 7963 4181 or text 079 4483 3251 or by email to courseinfo@westking.ac.uk.

Courses for Students with Learning Disabilities (LDD): Find out about all of our courses for young people and adults with learning difficulties or disabilities at the College’s King’s Cross Centre, Kennet West Skills Centre and Alexandra College:No Limits Programme with programmes leading to accredited qualifications and pathways for independent living, employment and essential skills.

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