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Finance for 14-19

Finance for 14-19

Money Matters

The following information is for guidance only and is subject to change depending on your status at the time of enrolment.

How much will it cost?

You might be asked to pay:

  • Student Membership fee – The majority of students attending the College will have to pay this fee (normally £25). Your membership card enables you to access College buildings and resources, such as borrowing books and laptops, from our well stocked and equipped Learning Centres.
  • Resources fee – This covers the cost of essential course materials and is payable on certain courses.

Generally speaking, if you are a home student who will be under 19 years old on 1 September on your year of entry to the College your tuition fees and examination fees are FREE as they are funded by the Learning and Skills Council or your Local Education Authority. The cost of your course will depend on your fee status, which depends on a number of factors such as residency. Normally, you are a ‘home student’ if you are an EU/EEA national and have been resident in an EU/EEA country for the three years prior to 1 September on your year of entry to the College and have no restrictions on your stay in the UK. There are other ways for meeting the criteria of home student status and everyone is given individual advice at enrolment.

You will be asked to provide evidence of your residency and/or nationality/immigration status at the point of enrolment and/or when you come to your interview. You will need to bring some documents such as a passport, national ID card or immigration paperwork. You will be advised by our Course Advisors of any estimated costs you may be charged for your chosen programme of study. Any cost details you are given, which relate to a course of two or three years’ duration, will be for the first year only.

It is likely that you will be asked to pay costs at a similar level (subject to an annual increase) for each subsequent year. Please bear this in mind if you have to pay fees and are applying for a course of more than one year in length.

What financial help is available?

We understand that there are a number of expenses that you may have that come with taking any College course. With this in mind you may also apply for a small grant towards the costs of books and equipment. However, funds are limited and you should apply early.

There is also help available for those students who require assistance with the everyday living costs associated with studying in a further education college. We have listed some of the options available for you in this Guide but for more information based on your own individual circumstances please call 020 7963 4181.


Our Childcare Co-ordinator will be happy to answer any enquiries about the childcare facilities available. Please telephone 020 7963 4181 and ask to speak to the Childcare Co-ordinator. If you are aged under 20, you may be able to get help with childcare costs through a scheme called ‘Care2Learn’. Call 0845 600 2809 for further information.



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