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Information for 16-18 year olds

Information for 16-18 year olds

Taking this first step to study is a great achievement but it can be daunting. Don’t let the costs associated with study affect your chance to succeed at College. We are here to support you to achieve your goals and go further. The College provides a wide range of financial help and guidance and the College’s Student Finance Team can help you navigate around course fees, student loans, bursaries, grants and the cost of resources connected to your specific course. The College can also assist with everyday living expenses. 

Did you know that most 16-18 year olds study at Westminster Kingsway College for free?

The following information is for guidance only and is subject to change depending on your status at the time of enrolment.

Home students

A Home student is a learner who has been resident in the UK/EU/EEA, without any restrictions on their stay in the UK, for three years prior to the start date of their College course. These students are entitled to free education at Further Education colleges.  

Evidence of your residency and/or nationality/immigration status is necessary at enrolment and/or when you attend your interview. Original documents such as your passport, national ID card, Biometric Card or immigration paperwork are essential to support your claim.  

Please note that any information you are given will only be applicable for the first year of a course. 

Additional Costs

Although your Further Education tuition fees are covered, you might be asked to pay:

  • Student Membership fee – The majority of students attending the College will have to pay this fee (normally £25). Your membership card enables you to access College buildings and resources, such as borrowing books and laptops, from our well stocked and equipped Learning Centres.
  • Resource fee – This covers the cost of essential course materials and is payable on certain courses.

Information for other students

If you do not qualify as a ‘home’ student, you may be classified as an ‘overseas’ or ‘international’ student.

Overseas students

You may be classified as an ‘overseas’ student if you are the child of a self-employed parent/guardian, or a British citizen without 3 years residency prior to the start date of your course. This would mean you may have to pay double fees – this will be discussed during your enrolment.

International students

Students who do not qualify as ‘home’ or ‘overseas’ students are classified as ‘international’ students. The College is unable to obtain funding in respect of international students and as a consequence has to charge an international student fee.

If this applies to you please contact our International Officer by email for further information or call 00 44 (0)20 7963 4181. For information about International students course fees please click here.

Financial Support

Students may be eligible for a small bursary towards the costs of books and equipment. Bursaries include: travel, vulnerable learner, course costs, discretionary hardship and meals. Find out more in our  bursary information  document. 

For more information based on your own individual circumstances please call 020 7963 4181.


Westminster Kingsway College is committed to help our students focus on their studies. Childcare facilities are accessible through the College and a childcare coordinator will be happy to answer any questions about them.  Please call  020 7963 4181  and ask to speak to the childcare coordinator.  

The Care to Learn scheme assists with childcare costs while you study. To qualify, you need to be a parent aged under 20. You can claim this benefit as long as the other parent is not available to provide childcare (e.g. if they are working) and they are not claiming Childcare Tax Credit. 

Grants and Bursaries

Many London boroughs offer financial support to young people who stay in education and training. Contact your local borough council for more information about financial support available to young people in education. 

Zip Oyster card

If you live in a London Borough and are 18 and under, you can apply for a Zip Oyster photo card which gives you free or discounted travel around London on buses, the tube, DLR and overground.

Find out more here

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