QUAL4T Project - quality vocational education and training

QUAL4T Project

Westminster Kingsway College is the UK lead for the European wide QUAL4T project: quality culture through effective instruments for teachers and trainers. 

The College has been working with project partners from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece and the UK to develop a bottom up quality culture in vocational education and training. Extensive research has been conducted in each country, best practices have been shared and a management brochure, a quality guide and toolkit of 34 instruments for teachers to use have been developed.  These practices have now been piloted in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the UK, and we are now in the exciting phase where final products are available based on the feedback received from the pilots. 

All of the QUAL4T products are downloadable through the project website and users are free to edit the toolkit products to meet their needs and circumstances.  This best practice work is now embedded into the Quality Framework at Westminster Kingsway College and has informed the Performance Development and Review processes for all staff.

 With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union

For more information on the QUAL4T Project, visit: www.qual4t-project.org


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