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Student Charter

Student Charter

You can expect the College to:

  • Place you on a programme of learning appropriate to your needs, abilities and intentions for the future
  •  Give you clear information about the requirements and structure of your course throughout the programme
  • Provide you with a clear plan of when you will be assessed or tested
  • Offer learning support to meet your identified needs
  • Provide you with a safe working environment
  • Provide you with teaching that will support you to achieve your learning goals
  • Have lessons that start and finish on time
  • Have your work marked and returned within an agreed timescale
  • Give you regular feedback on your progress with your studies
  • Provide you with learning materials and technology appropriate to your study needs
  • Use learning technologies, including online learning, for your studies where appropriate
  • Give you opportunities to comment on the services that the College offers and to contribute to improving them further
  • Listen to and respond to you if you have a complaint
  • Treat you with respect

What we expect from Westminster Kingsway College students:

  • Accept your responsibilities as set out in College documentation, including the Student Code
  • Observe all College policies, procedures and regulations, especially the College’s equality policies
  • Respect all members of the College’s diverse group of users including fellow students and employees of the College
  • Observe all health and safety regulations throughout the College as well as any additional safety rules in specified areas e.g. studios, kitchens and laboratories
  • Wear your Student Membership Card at all times and show it if requested to do so by any member of staff
  • Work actively with your personal tutor and/or teachers to plan and develop your learning
  • Attend all classes punctually and regularly and explain any absences
  • Complete and hand in all work set within the agreed timescale
  • Allow others to work and study without interruption or disruption in the Learning Centres, libraries, classrooms and other study areas
  • Use College ICT and computer facilities only for College study purposes
  • Treat College property, equipment and facilities with respect at all times
  • Observe the no smoking regulations and know and follow fire drill procedures

We expect students NOT to:

  • Intimidate anyone if they have different abilities, views or beliefs
  • Bring onto College premises or carry any knives, guns or other offensive weapons
  • Bring onto College premises or consume or use on College premises any alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Use mobile phones during classes or examinations/assessments or in the Learning Centres

The College reserves the right to call the police if we suspect a student of carrying any offensive weapon or illegal drug.

Complaints Procedure

We hope that your experience with the College will be a positive one. However if something does go wrong we aim to ensure that everyone has access to an open, fair and effective complaints procedure. In the event that you do need to make a complaint, please use the complaints procedure and feedback form.

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