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Your New College

Your New College

In 2013, Westminster Kingsway College secured a £6 million government grant as a contribution towards an £18 million investment to create the finest training environment for hospitality, business and enterprise in London.

Westminster Kingsway College has now embarked on the transformation of the Victoria Centre, a project running from July 2014 to September 2015.

In 2015 we will have replaced facilities with state-of-the-art teaching spaces that will inspire future generations of learners to excel and achieve.

We are still open while we transform your new college.

Projected images: Victoria Centre Development


As well as creating 660m2 of new space, we will:

  • Upgrade 32 classrooms and create four new high quality, specialist teaching facilities
  • Build two new kitchens and refresh all existing kitchens
  • Create different types of teaching space to support entrepreneurialism and innovation, including a new Enterprise Hub
  • Redecorate 22 staff workrooms and 850m of corridor
  • Improve circulation throughout the building, including the basement
  • Remodel classrooms to improve the quality of class provision and make it more appropriate for learners and employers
  • Improve access, including the development of three new lifts
  • Build a new canteen and student welfare facilities
  • Improvements to heat, data and power systems to create efficiency and improve the working environments.

To find out more about the exciting Victoria Centre redevelopment project, or to discover how you can become one of the first students to use the Centre in September 2015, come to a Victoria Centre Open Day or contact us today. 


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