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Josephine Ansah

Foundation Degree Business

Josephine Ansah
I was so scared coming back into education after a 15 year gap, but I wanted a new life and a new career and Westminster Kingsway College has helped me on my way. The teachers push us to achieve and now, through their eyes, I can see my potential. I now know that I have the ability to make my business more successful.

Business & Enterprise

Westminster Kingsway College is a leading Enterprise and Business Development centre. Home of the central London Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and the Camden Business Mentoring Service, Into Enterprise, the College is working with students, employers, local businesses and community partners to provide education, training and enterprise initiatives.

Westminster Kingsway College has a high level of expertise in providing bespoke training solutions in business, administration and management. We offer training solutions and work-based training that will suit a wide range of employers in all industries.



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