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Supported Internship Programme

Finding employment can be challenging, especially if you have additional support needs. Westminster Kingsway College is here to help individuals, who may be in need of tailored support, to move into employment.

The Supported Internship Programme now gives you, the employer, the chance to take on a reliable new member of staff and benefit from having a diverse workforce. The programme is fully government funded and so comes at no additional cost to you as a business.


Ambition is Talent

A reliable member of staff can be difficult to come by especially during in times where there is a high turnover of staff. The students we work with have the ambition to pursue a career within your specific field.

To start the process, we carry out a detailed job matching exercise. This is designed to give you, the employer, and us, the job coaches, the confidence that between us we will nurture an enthusiastic, determined and very capable employee – it is a win-win situation.

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