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Finding employment can be challenging, especially if you have additional support needs. Westminster Kingsway College is here to help individuals, who may be in need of tailored support, to move into employment. Our Supported Internship Programme gives you, the employer, the chance to take on a reliable new member of staff and benefit from having a diverse workforce. The programme is fully government funded and so comes at no additional cost to you as a business. 

At WestKing, we understand that running any business demands time and money and so we have created a bespoke package of courses to enable you to invest in your staff and your business with minimum disruption.

A reliable member of staff can be difficult to come by especially during in times where there is a high turnover of staff. The students we work with have the ambition to pursue a career within your specific field.

Taking on an intern will bring you multiple benefits. This is your chance to support someone into the world of work, while at the same time gaining from the benefits of having an additional member of staff.

Benefits of taking on a Supported Intern

  • Gain a determined and reliable new member of staff
  • Contributes to a diverse and inclusive workplace culture
  • Improve corporate social responsibility and positive PR
  • Gain a staff member trained specifically for the job role

We connect you with an intern who is interested in your area of work and arrange an interview. Job Coaches train the intern in your place of business and in the classroom for a minimum of 20 weeks. This comes at no additional cost to you and your business. At the end of the placement, we would continue to support you for a period of time if you decided to take the intern on as a paid employee or an apprentice.

The Recruitment Journey

  • Application
    Review candidate application
  • Work trial
    Meet the candidate
  • Internship
    Tailored on the job training
  • Employment
    Transition into paid employment for sucessful interns

For further information please email supportedinternship@westking.ac.uk

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