If you’re a non-UK national and looking to study in the UK’s capital, Westminster Kingsway College is for you. We are a diverse, cosmopolitan college, welcoming international students from across the world – our community includes students of over 60 different nationalities speaking over 55 different languages.

We welcome students of all nationalities who have either settled in the UK or travelled to London specifically to study with us. We are accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English and are a member of English UK.

Moving from abroad to study with us in central London can be both exciting and scary. Our international team are available to provide information and advice on:

  • Courses available for international students
  • Accommodation in London
  • Life in London and at WestKing
  • The cost of living in London
  • How to open a bank account
  • Travelling around London – we can advise on the best and cheapest ways to travel across London as a student
  • Progression advice
  • Welfare advice

If you have any questions please contact

Distance Learning Online Courses

We are pleased to be able to offer some of our outstanding online virtual courses to those outside of the UK – find out more!

International Fees

Fees for international students vary depending on the course and level – find out more here

Overseas Agents

We work with agents overseas who assist International students with their applications to study in the UK. If you would like to become an International agent for Westminster Kingsway College, please get in touch…

Short Courses

Westminster Kingsway College offers some excellent short courses for international students – find out more

English Language Courses

At Westminster Kingsway College in central London, you can study full-time and part-time English language courses that will help you to improve your English and develop your language skills to progress further

Summer Schools

Westminster Kingsway College offers exciting summer schools for international students, allowing you to explore all that London has to offer while expanding your experience and confidence

Visas and Immigration

Find out more about applying for a short term visa to study at WestKing and other important immigration information

Projects and Partnerships

Find out more about our partnerships and international projects across the globe, including in China, India, Korea, Vietnam and more

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