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Safeguarding is protecting vulnerable adults and young people from abuse or neglect. At Westminster Kingsway College, we ensure that every member of staff is safeguarding-trained so that they can perform their legal duty to report cases of suspected harm or abuse. Each of our centres has appointed Safeguarding Officers who can be contacted about any concerns.

Our child protection and safeguarding policy can be downloaded here, with further information.

Keeping Safe guides

Parenting a young person can sometimes be very challenging. Maintaining a positive relationship can at times be difficult as they grow and become independent, develop new relationships and seek to find their own identity.
There have been many reports in the media recently of young people being targeted by adults who hold extreme views that advocate violence. A number of young people have been persuaded to leave the UK in secret against the wishes of their families, putting themselves in extreme danger. We have produced a Keeping Safe guide to help parents and carers recognise when their child may be at risk of radicalisation and where to get help if they are worried.

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