Tracking Progress and Success

Our tutors use ProMonitor to view, record and track a wide range of information about each student, such as their timetable, attendance, coursework marks and progress review meetings.

We provide parents and carers with access to this system, called ProPortal. ProPortal allows you to view information about your child, as well as accessing termly progress reports.


You can login to ProPortal here.

The username starts with P- followed by the first 3 letters of the student’s surname, the first letter of their first name and the last 4 digits of their student ID number, e.g. a student with the name Eduardo Santos and the student ID 20204567 would generate the parental pin P-SANE4567

The password is the student’s date of birth e.g. 12/03/1996 – it must be entered in this format.

The first time you log-on the system will ask you to change the password to something that can be remembered easily.

Once logged on, the ProPortal Home page is displayed showing the student’s name and photograph. Click on the student’s name to open the student ProPortal page where you will find information about their Academic Information (Progress), Attendance & Punctuality, SMART Targets and Subject Teacher Reviews (sometimes known as Report to Parents).

Along the top of the student ProPortal page there is a menu where you can select to look at the Student’s Attendance, Meetings, Academic Information, Smart targets and Subject Teacher Reviews in detail.

The rest of the page shows information on Grades (Academic information), SMART targets and meetings. Generally, the amount of information displayed about the student will increase as the year progresses.

Where students are studying more than one course, this can be selected using the Student Group drop-down menu.

Academic Information contains information on the units and/or assignment work or homework that the student needs to submit and their grades so far.

Please note that some college course elements such as tutorials, induction, work experience, PDE etc will also appear on the drop down menu but will not have units, assignments or grades assigned. However, the main programmes e.g. BTEC Extended Diploma or A Level Physics will display grades once they have been recorded on the system.

Attendance & Punctuality

Here you can see more detail of the learner’s punctuality and attendance percentage in table format organised by class session.

My SMART targets

On this page you can see the targets that the staff have set to help the student progress. These can cover a number of areas such as behaviour, academic progress and/or attendance.

Subject Teacher Review (Report To Parents)

Here you will find reports about the student’s progress. These are published at various points during the year.

Generally they will appear at

  • Autumn half term
  • Spring half term
  • Summer term

However, the exact timing of the reports will differ, depending on the course.

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