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Felipe Palicio

Art, Design & Media Level 3

Felipe Palicio
What I enjoyed at College was that our course covered so many different topics and skills. We were always experimenting with different types of media and our teachers encourage us cross disciplines and explore different pathways. This means that our final pieces of work are richer and more interesting.

Art & Design

The Art and Design industry is where energy, creativity and talent combine. It can take you into a wide variety of careers such as fashion, graphics, jewellery making, interior & product design, architecture, digital manipulation and traditional photographic techniques. Working in an environment where cutting edge technologies sit alongside traditional methods and skills, you can become the modern day creator.

The creative arts have received significant investment over recent years. Industries such as fashion, design and graphics have broadened to provide those who are business and technologically savvy with the very best opportunities.

The highest concentration of people working in the creative or cultural industry is in London. Over 670,000 people work in the creative industries with many working at home or in creative forums as well as top rated companies. If you are interested in this exciting pathway, Westminster Kingsway College can equip you with the techniques and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed from our Centres in the heart of London.

Careers at a glance:

  • Artist
  • Effects Designer
  • Colour Stylist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Set Dresser
  • Media Practitioner
  • Digital Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Tailor
  • Dressmaker

We also offer a range of Higher Education courses in Creative Media Production - please click here to find out more.

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