Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

We know there are many young people at WestKing who deserve recognition. The Jack Petchey Achievement Awards are for young people aged 11-25 who have gone above and beyond what might be expected of them. 

Jack Petchey

Young people achieve in lots of ways, including by overcoming personal challenges and adversity, achieving sporting and musical success as well as by volunteering and making a difference within their community.

The Achievement Award Scheme is not intended solely to recognise young people’s academic achievements.

It is not about the fastest, the smartest or being the best. The award is designed to recognise outstanding individual achievements. These achievements can include:

  • Helping others over and above expectations
  • Being a good role model/mentor
  • Showing bravery
  • Overcoming a personal challenge
  • Volunteering
  • Trying really hard
  • Breaking through a personal barrier

Achievement Award Winners will receive:

  • A framed certificate and pin badge
  • A letter from Jack with an opportunity to keep in touch and join the JPF Achievers community
  • A copy of ‘Notes from Sir Jack Petchey CBE’ – a special booklet with Sir Jack’s own advice and guidance for young achievers
  • £250 to be spent on something of their choice that will benefit their college (for example equipment, a day out for the team, a specialist to come in and train the young people)

Nominations must be received by 5pm on 2 April 2021

Jack Petchy Awards

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